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Discover how we gave this startup a fresh visual start. With over 50 team members, 5000+ users and 27M, it was time to replace their outdated look with a design that matched their ambitions.

Yangshen TCM is an international e-commerce brand selling natural herbal product to boost immunity.

What we've done

1. Strategic Discovery

2. Web application redesign & optimization

3. E-commerce development , major payment integration

4. Landing page redesign & optimization

5. Component-based UI-kit

6. Product Design Sprints to explore new functionality

We've got work to do

Yangshen TCM needed help with usability and information architecture of their product website and web development.

They were rapidly growing and wanted to have a well developed e-commerce website to satisfy their audience's need and as well improve conversion.

Level asked as to help

— Take their product look to the next level

— Design UX/UI of the web application

— Match their bold vision to the look and experience of the product

— Provide a visual framework that will help the product team iterate faster

Creating a Website with clear and targeted messaging was a crucial step in increasing conversions. Together with the Yangshen TCM team, we have compiled a new product page structure using the AIDA model and packed that in a nice cover 🙂

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